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LaborNet Issue Index: Struggle
for Northwest Airlines

Audio - AMFA National Director O.V. Delle-Femine's take on the NWA vote

A Traveler's Night, by Mike Klemm

NWA mechanics to vote on deal that would end strike in victory for NWA management

12 Minute Minnesota Rally Excluded Striking NWA-AMFA Workers

UAW Pres Joins NWA-AMFA Strikers In Detroit

Mass Detroit AMFA NWA Mechanics Support Rally Planned

AMFA Calls For Enforcement of MAC Ordinance Prohibiting Professional Strikebreakers At Twin Cities Airport

AMFA Local 9 Joins Japanese Labor Rally Against Union Busting & Privatization

IAM Local leader sides with Northwest Management Union busting tactics-Which Side Are You On?

NWA Employees Fight Concessions

Northwest Union Declines to Allow A Contract Vote

Live in the Past or Fight for the Future

NWA aims to scrap all labor contracts

Using Bankruptcy Laws NWA Bosses Move To Massive Cutbacks

NWA Strikers rally as Northwest files for bankruptcy

SFLC Supports AMFA Strikers

AMFA9 Communication Officers Response To BW

AMFA-SFO Airline Workers Rally For NWA-AMFA

CSX Faces Rail Delays Due to Northwest Mechanic Strike

Heathrow is the boss's greatest nightmare

Ox-Roasts, The AMFA Strike & Taking A Close Look At The IBEW

Why Big Labor hasn't aided striking mechanics

ILWU10 Speaks at AMFA rally

Criminal Cover-Up By Gov At NWA To Support The Union Busting

The Meaning Of The NWA Strike by Pres Of Monroe-Lenawee County AFL-CIO CLC

AFL-CIO Instructed Affiliates Not To "Support" AMFA Strikers

U of Minnesota AFSCME Workers Join AMFA Picket Lines

AFL-CIO Pres Blames AMFA Workers For Isolation-No Call For Support

Minneapolis Supporters rally for Northwest Airlines workers

The Scabs At NWA Strike

NWA Strike: Can Replacements Be The New Trend?

A Maverick Union Chief Now in Search of Unity

Quotes Of The Day-Lessons from PATCO Lost

Machinists union grabs jobs of striking Northwest mechanics

IAM Demands Jobs At NWA To Keep Scabbing

The AMFA Struggle is Our Struggle-Statement and Pictures From ILWU

Northwest strike impact could spread beyond airline industry

ILWU, Alone Among Internationals In Supporting NWA AMFA Strike

Flight Attendants Cross Picket Line

AMFA Council 9 President Joe Prisco Speaks At ILWU Local 10 Meeting For Support

NWA Mechanics Strike Against Deep Pay/Benefit Cuts, Layoffs, Outsourcing

Minnesota Support group forms for NWA strikers

Tasini on the AMFA

Local 10 Pres. Willis Calls For Solidarity With AMFA Mechanics

Labor takes hit as solidarity splits

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