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Forced Mergers Bring Open Rupture With Stern In California SEIU Locals

San Francisco, South Korean labor leaders challenge Pelosi free trade support

New Labor Strikes Deals With 'Private Equity Guys'

Corporate Controlled Court Rejects Overtime Pay For Home-Care Workers

Temporary Workers At Kentucky Toyota Angry At Conditions

UFCW Union for Grocery Workers Sets a Deadline In LA & Texas

New faces at day labor centers: women

Oregon Strike reflects divide in labor movement - Splits Developing In UBC Strike As IUOE Operators Fired

Labor Should Fight for Single-Payer Retirement, Health Care

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Who Killed the Immigration Bill, and Who Wants it to Come Back?

Federal government steps on "NIMBYs"
AFL-CIO Weblog

Change to Win info

A Retiree Responds to Headlines

Labor On The Occupation

CA Building Trades Pres Speech At CA State Federation of Labor Legislative Conference on War & Healthcare

Iraq's Workers Strike to Keep Their Oil

Trade Union Antiwar Resolutions

National 2007 Voices of Iraqi Workers Solidarity Tour Events

Some Events

By These Hands © David Parker
Film Director To Testify At CA Assembly Hearing On Healthcare/"Sicko"
Sacramento - June 12

Conference-Class Matters: Working-Class Culture & Counterculture
St. Paul - June 14

International Day Of Action For Striking UAW 364 Conn Selmer Steinway Strikers
Chicago, NYC, SF - June 16

SEIU Local 32BJ Sponsored Labor Forum on the Immigration Crisis
New York City - June 20

LaborFest 2007 Schedule
San Francisco - July 5-31

26th Annual Summer Institute for Union Women
Berkeley - July 17-21

Two Maquiladora Tours
Tijuana - July 21, Oct. 20

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Featured Video - May Day 2006: the Campaign for a Trade Union Freedom Bill

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