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Wal-Mart Billionaire Owners Throw The Workers A T-Shirt For 20 Years Of Labor

10/8 ILWU10 Member with Child
ILWU to Shut Port in Support of Alcatraz Ferry Workers

Mass Scab Importation Of Nurses In Vegas In Retaliation For Union Organizing

After walkout, meatpackers press fight against firings

Unionized Newspaper Workers & Democracy Under Attack

Unions Squelched But Bosses' Invitations Bring Chaplains Into Workplace and Onto Payroll

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The SF 1934 General Strike and The Challenge To Labor, by Jack Heyman

Better not Cheaper - How Trade Unions are Defending Manufacturing Jobs in Germany

NLRB launches new interactive Web site
SEIU Pres Stern Accepts Cuts On Healthcare and Pensions For US Workers

Change to Win info

AFL-CIO Weblog

Labor On The Occupation

Census Counts 100,000 Contractors in Iraq-Growth Of US Mercenaries

American military concedes daily toll of civilians likely to rise far above 100


Some Events

      Mass Picket In SF Against Federal Union Busting Against Alcatraz Ferry Workers
     San Francisco - December 9

      Conference on The Defense Of Public Education
     Oakland CA - December 9

      Make Music With Solidarity Caravan
     Elkhart IN - December 16

      Celebrate International Migrants Day
      U.S.A. - December 18

Rank 'n File Speak
By These Hands © David Parker

Elkhart, IN - A Striker Speaks Out
by Deneen Seigler - UAW 364/Conn-Selmers

A Letter to The Boss From Elkhart, Indiana
by Donald Wagner - UAW 364

Video - Music Instrument Workers Fight for Justice
by Vincent Bach employees - UAW 364

"Enhanced Fight" Rejects Two Tiers
by J. Cantrell and K. Hungress - UAW 1268

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